Is your water healthy or just pure?
HanaGlobal brings ELVA Water with numerous health benefits and natural goodness.
Change your water for a healthier lifestyle!
It's time to rethink our greatest resource.
Healthy Drinking Water.

Cutting Edge-Technology

The difference between ELVA water and that of an RO is incremental. Unlike other water purifiers, ELVA Products not only make water pure but healthy by ionizing* it.

It Tastes Better

Alkaline water from a ELVA water ionizer tastes like natural spring water: It’s deeply refreshing and smooth, with a slightly sweeter and more satisfying taste than plain water.

Health Benefits

ELVA Water promotes weight loss, Improves skin complexion, protects your tissues, spinal cord & joints, helps your body remove waste, and boosts the Immune System.

Easy Replacement & Cleaning

All water ionizers from Hana Global are integrated with a cartridge filter system that can be replaced with ease. It’s easy to use and accessible to all ages.

ELVA Water
ELVA Water For the miraculous way of living

At Hana Global, our commitment for pure and healthy water is paramount. We use latest water processing technology to process water that uplifts the name ELVA Water. ELVA water is precious gift which works wonders to provide you with many health benefitsincluding improving bone health, reduction of acid reflux among many others. This water is ideal fordrinking, food preparation, watering plants and making beverages like tea, coffee soups and muchmore.

For You

It has a pH level between pH 8.5 – pH 9.5. It is ideal for drinking and healthy cooking. It is rich in hydrogen to bring back the alkaline state of the body, which is a prerequisite for good health. It is primarily used for preparing food, beverages and for watering plants. It is both economical and environment-friendly.

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For Households

Considerably high pH level (pH 11.5) and can be used to preserve hygiene in daily life for its relatively strong cleaning effect. It is basically used for food preparation processes like removing rawness from veggies; cleaning processes like cleaning dishcloths, removing stains, cleaning of the dishes, and the general cleaning that takes place in the kitchen. It cannot be used for drinking purposes.

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For Industrial Users

Two essential benefits of using ELVA alkaline water for cleaning and sterilizing are cost and impact on both employees and the environment. Water is used across industries like Hospitals, Diagnosis Centers, Manufacturing and Food & Beverage.

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ELVA Water

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