It's not just water, it's ELVA

Our cutting edge technology can bring “Swachhata” in the true sense.

Unlike other water purifiers, our machines not only make water pure but healthy by ionizing it. The difference between our ELVA water and that of an RO is comparable to the difference between junk food and fresh organic vegetables coming from your own garden.

So, before you change anything else, change your water for a healthier lifestyle with Hana Global

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Company that you can trust on!

Hana Global is a global business that revolutionizes the way we think about our water, our body and our life. With Korean technology and ancient Indian wisdom we are foraying in the world with healthy and pure water that can make a great impact in people’s lives.




Hana Global making beautiful history with the time..


Korea Dongyang Science Co. Ltd. was established.


Changed company name to Dongyang Science Co. Ltd.


Obtained permission from China Health Ministry


Changed company name to Ionia Co Ltd


Awarded prize of 3 million USD export record


Launched Alkaline water ionizer new model


Launched "Hana Global" as Global Sales partner with brand "Hana ELVA Water".



Mission & Vision

Hana Global is here to revolutionize water all over the globe. We are on a mission to share our technology and knowledge with the modern world. We want to bring humanity back to nature by making ELVA Water available for everyone because for us pure and healthy water is a human right and not a luxury.

Environment Responsibility

Environment is what surrounds us, where we live. Without a safe environment, a safe and healthy lifestyle cannot be ensured. Hence, it is important to be alert, aware and contribute towards its conservation and preservation. This is the reason why “Hana Global” has adopted the philosophy of “Changing Lives” , where we provide products that contribute to an improved and healthy lifestyle globally. As a member of this society, we thrive to work in assuring improved quality and sustainability through our products for the coming generation. Guidelines that pervasively apply to all our departments, are as follows: -

  • We maintain the basic rule in our work environment – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.
  • We procure the needed materials by sustainable means to avoid overburdening of our environmental load.
  • Our employees and our management, are alert, aware and observant towards the rules & regulations, laws and standards regarding the safety of nature.
  • Providing regular training processes to our employees to ensure their knowledge update regarding safety and issues crucial to environment, to ensure prevention of work-related accidents.

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