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ELVA Product: XS – Blue JR

Patented automatic change of water route with Electrolytic Bath System

This product is technically implemented with the patented technology enabling to change a water route in order for alkaline ionized water to be continuously generated by automatically cleaning the electrodes each time the ionizer is used without separate cleaning process.

Easy replacement of the cartridge filter

All water ionizers from hana medical are integrated with a cartridge filter system that can be replaced with ease.

Genuine Certified high performance filter (option)

The high performance and complex filter by the filtering from harmful substances of raw water. It is made by various materials according to the seller and the user.

Generation of Ionized Water

It is designed to generate ionized water ranged at stage from 1 through 4 by manipulating buttons in the control panel in the front side.

Automatic Draining Of The Electrolytic Cells To Keep The Electrolytic Bath Clean

An automatic discharging system integrated into the product drains out the remaining water in the electrolytic bath automatically when it is in a standby state and keeps the bath clean all the time.

Self Diagonistic Control System

A product designed to generate ionized water, preventing malfunctions and failures from occurring in advance and display the abnormal operation for users to be informed in case such a thing has actually happened by using a MICOM controlled system and also applied with a feedback control system enabling to generate stabilized ionized water by self detection of changes in water quality.

Our cutting edge technology can bring “Swachhata” in the true sense.
Product Specifications
Title Description
Product Manufacture Permission Number No.610 by KFDA (Korea Food & Drug Association)
Feature Ion Water Generator
Model XS – Blue Jr.
INPUT Voltage AC 120V or 240V, 50Hz-60Hz
Power Supply TRANS (5P). SPMS (5/7P)
Power Consumption MAX 120W
Overall Dimensions 270*383*135 (W*H*D) mm
Applicable Water Inflow Pressure 0.7 – 5kgf/cm sq.
Applicable Water Temperature 5-30 degrees Celsius
Unit Operation Type One touch Automated Ionization Start
Electrolysis Method Continuous Electrolysis
Electrode 5 Plate (Platinum over Titanium)
Electrolysis Capacity DARC System (3.5L/min at 3.5 kgf/cm sq.
Electrolysis Setting Alkaline (4 level)/ Purified water/ Acidic (4 level)
PH Value PH 4.0 (+ 0.5) – 10.5 (+ 0.5)
Filter Replacement Easily Replaceable Cartridge
Filter Composition Activated Carbon Filter, UF Membrane Filter
Filter Life Approximately 6 months (20 liters/ day)
Display Method TFT LCD (3.2 INCHES)

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